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“I cannot say enough great things about the financial advice Brian gave during our sessions. He walked me through step by step on changes I needed to make to my current savings plan and gave pointers on what I should do with my 401(k) and Roth IRA. I left the coaching session feeling well versed and empowered for my financial future. Brian’s financial knowledge is only eclipsed by his passion for helping others obtain and exceed their goals. I would highly recommend his service to anyone that is just starting out on their savings journey or even if you need a refresher to keep up with the ever changing rules.” - TL
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Three Coins Consulting exists to enrich educators, particularly faculty of color and individuals from traditionally marginalized communities, in financial literacy, entrepreneurial endeavors, pedagogical pursuits, and leadership development.

Our Mission
In Chinese culture, three coins tied together by a red ribbon is an ancient symbol for health, wealth, and prosperity.
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